Sri Lanka China Society
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About Us

Friendship entered through fabulous and traditional silk – route from the ancient China to this land many centuries ago. Since then Sri Lanka and China had established close relations in economic and cultural fields. The annals of history reveal that our forefathers were quite conscious of the neighbouring states, big or small. From the good old days our leaders had mastered the art of co-existence with one fourth of the global population scattered over the mighty land of China. Traditions have been built over periods of time which are well worth preserving. It was with this intention that a group of interested colleagues formed the Sri Lanka China Society on 05th October 1981. Since then we made some contributions to the task of strengthening friendship links between the two countries without any vested interests political or otherwise. Since 1981, our Society has been very close to the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka and through the embassy we were close to the Chinese people. Another achievement of ours is the very close association we developed during this period with the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), which is a very strong institution in China. In recognition of our activities and achievements in promoting friendship between the two countries five of our prominent members were rewarded as friendship promoters by CPAFFC in 2007.

Since the inception in 1981, we noticed a keen interest, particularly among the educated class to join our society. Presently we have 700 members who are mostly present and retried public servants and members of the private sector. Doors are open for anyone to join our society once proposed by a member. Since 2005, we have a member of the cultural division of the Chinese Embassy attending our monthly committee meetings and our AGM. There by we maintain a very close association with the Chinese Embassy.